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A boy, a baby, and a dream…

When my partner Rob and I met 6 years ago, we were young and fun and loving life in the city. Our home was about 5 minutes from downtown Denver, and we loved frequenting the best restaurants in the city that were all within walking distance. Cocktails, friends, and nights on the rooftop were our usual weekend plans. 

But something was missing. Over time the hustle and bustle of the city began to wear on us, and we knew we had to make a change. We felt unfulfilled, and longed for more peace. We realized our favorite activities were all close to nature, and knew we wanted more of that in our lives. We both grew up on acreage in the south, and spent childhood hanging out with animals and playing in creeks. 

Once we found out our precious baby girl was on the way, we knew it was time to make our escape. We dreamed of less noise pollution, a deeper sense of community, and land for our children to build forts on.

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Our passion for regenerative agriculture

About this time, I became interested in regenerative agriculture, or the concept of farming with and alongside our native ecosystems to preserve the natural order of our environment. I’d always been a gardener and flower lover, and dreamed of starting a flower farm one day. I began to imagine a world where our children grew up falling in love with nature, and where adults did their part to respect and preserve our native ecosystem for centuries to come.

As our due date approached, the search was on. We spent two years looking at properties, and eventually landed on our 5 acre property in Sedalia, Colorado a few months shy of our daughter’s first birthday. 

Since then, it’s been all hands on deck! We had a successful first season in 2023 (despite set backs from a once in a life time grasshopper epidemic), launched our onsite farm / flower stand, and shared flowers with our community at the Castle Rock Farmers Market. This year we plan to open our onsite stand once a week June - October, weather & Colorado climate dependent. You can join our email list to be the first to know when our farmstand is open. Our email list & facebook community is also the first place we give pre-sale instructions, so you can reserve a bouquet in advance before they sell out!

Thanks for being a supporter of our work, and helping us nourish our community through farm fresh flowers and regenerative agriculture. Without you, our dreams would never be possible. 

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How to get our flowers:

We are scaling back slightly this spring & summer to better support our growing family. There will still be plenty of opportunity to get your hands on a sustainably grown bouquet directly from our farm. 

We plan to have our onsite bouquet stand open once a week June - October, with occasional 2x a week opening during high season. Weather will play a huge role in when the flowers bloom. Our email list & Facebook community are where we share real time updates, so join both to  get all the details when we announce our schedule!​

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    Wanna be in the know?

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    Our email subscribers get first dibs on all onsite event tickets, bouquets for sale, and other offerings, before we offer them to the public. 

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