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2024 season info. coming soon!

We are in the thick of prepping soil, sowing seeds, planning our field, & gearing up for the season.

We plan to have our onsite bouquet stand open once a week June - October, weather dependent on when we see our first blooms. If you haven't already, join our email list & get the details on our schedule once it is announced.

We may also offer a select number of bouquet subscriptions, bulk buckets for parties / your own event design, & florist / wholesale opportunities - all of which our email list will get first dibs on once they are announced.

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Hey there. We're Plum Valley Flower Farm.

We are a sustainable Colorado flower farm that grows flowers to nourish our community and to preserve our native ecosystem through regenerative agriculture. 

We strive for our farm to be a place of peace and harmony with nature, where our community can feel more in tune with the beauty of the world around it. 

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Our flowers
are for:

  • Busy moms who need to know they matter

  • Your grandma who loves to garden

  • The woman who says "I really don't need anything"

  • Your sister who is going through a hard season

  • Your environmentalist friend who cares about native ecosystems & regenerative agriculture

  • Your bestie who loves farmers markets

  • That person in your life who is impossible to buy a gift for

  • Someone you love that you want to make smile

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Our Philosophy

We’ve seen firsthand the positive impact local sustainable agriculture can have on a community. We know how important it is to change the way we’ve done agriculture in the past for the good of our environment long term. That’s why we focus on regenerative growing practices.

What does this look like exactly? For us it means choosing North American native, drought tolerant plants and flowers as often as possible. It means not applying pesticides and unnecessary chemicals (yes, even organic ones). It means not repeatedly tilling our beds, and instead nourishing the natural microbiome of the soil for long term health. 

We utilize untreated mulch on our beds to help retain moisture and maintain more consistent soil temperatures. We focus on our soil first, ensuring the nutrients and life within it stay healthy and balanced. We leave some crops in the field over winter to provide food for our native birds, and battle “pests” by attracting beneficial insects that eat them. 

Our ultimate goal is to work with the native ecosystem that already exists, give back to the plant and animal life it supports, and use responsible growing practices that help preserve our environment for centuries to come.

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How to get our flowers

We are scaling back slightly this spring & summer to better support our growing family.

There will still be plenty of opportunity to get your hands on a sustainably grown bouquet directly from our farm. 

We plan to have our onsite bouquet stand open once a week June - October, with occasional 2x a week opening during high season. Weather will play a huge role in when the flowers bloom. Our email list & facebook community are where we share real time updates, so join both to get all the details when we announce our schedule!​

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Wanna know the latest?

Subscribe to our email list below to receive our farm newsletter & be the first to know when our onsite bouquet stand opens for spring & summer 2024.

Our email subscribers get first dibs on all onsite event tickets, bouquets for sale, and other offerings, before we offer them to the public. 

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